Celebrities In Politics

What do celebrities do when they want to raise their careers to the next level? They become politicians.

Ronald Reagan


1. Ronald Reagan

The 40th President of the United States famously made the line between show business and politics blur. A successful actor, with a fascinating acting portfolio including more than 50 roles, Reagan turned to politics in 1964.

As he had always been very ambitious and active in various student organizations throughout his education, it wasn’t such a big surprise when he decided to run for the position of the California governor which he won and served for two terms.

After many attempts to with the presidential nomination, he finally made it in 1980, when he defeated President Jimmy Carter and became the oldest American president at the age of 69.

Although Reagan was much criticized, his charisma, legacy and the role in ending the Cold War are undeniable.

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  • Erma Shablatz

    Ronald Reagan was a lousy actor and was beyond his non-existent talent and was upstaged in the Bonzo movies. As President, he was the prime architect of the financial demise of the working men and women and the middle class of this nation. His tax policies began the destruction of the middle and working Americans and the creation of an American Aristocracy. He successfully destroyed the finest college system in America when he was the “acting” gov. of CA. But he save the worst for the nation as a whole, and he violated numerous laws and the Constitution with Iran/Contra and should have been impeached for treason.