Celebrities Who Refuse To Work Together

Katherine Heigl


Working together on a film project can be quite stressful and exhausting.

Actors spend months together in testing environments and under tremendous stress caused by the expectations of the director, the pressure of the producer, and the scrutiny of paparazzi.

It is natural that many of them get into mutual conflicts and disagreements. Actors need to know and understand each other’s shortcomings. They have to accept things and try to work in peace, so they can successfully complete the project everyone has signed for.

However, disagreements are common; sometimes too common, really. Due to celebs’ big, fat egos, many of them are unable to compromise and decide never to work with their arch nemesis again.

Here is a list of eleven celebrities who have said loud and clear “never” and we really do mean “NEVER”.

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  • Arthur

    Who in their right mind would pick Bill Murray to play “Bosley”? Unless “Charlie’s Angels” was a Comedy, Bill Murray “Is Not” the person I would choose for that part. Bill’s part is Comedy, not Drama. I could probably think of a lot of other people to suggest. Not sure what Lucy Liu does in the movie, but she would be better in the movie than Bill Murray.. I love Bill Murray and want to more of his comedic work. “Charlie’s Angels” and “Bill Murray”??? – Not a good choice before the movie was done nor after.

  • Arthur

    Robert Downey Jr is a baby to work with. I have never heard good words from anyone that worked with him. I am sure there are, but I have never heard any.

  • Arthur

    Shatner probably didn’t like Takei’s “manly pursuits” – Takei is a guy that needs professional help. Shatner does have an attitude, but what star doesn’t that has been as successful as Shatner. Shatner’s got a attitude that just needs to be brought down to good level.

  • Arthur

    Working with Charlie Sheen is a problem alot of people understand. An ego that needs a muffler so some sorts. If Charlie Sheen doesn’t curtail his rants, his acting career will go down the toilet as quickly as the water does. And the only income he’ll have is “Monetary Investments” because no one will want to hear advice or work with him. Chuck Lorre has a problem with deciding what’s funny and what’s not. Some of his choice of funny is just plain sick (his shows). 2 1/2 Men was funny for the first few seasons but then became so raunchy – if you printed out pictures of the show on toilet paper, I still wouldn’t waste my time touching some of those scenes.

  • Arthur

    Shirley MacLaine is a strange cookie to work with. Some of her comments made possibly late last century makes you wonder where her head is at. So working with her would be interesting, I think.

  • Alan

    OMG! Stallone didn’t launch the gerbil rumor, did he?

  • URQ196

    So, you called Takei a she in the last paragraph.

  • Gus Mueller

    Shirley MacLaine – crazy
    Lords of Flatbush – Stallone and Gere were not “renowned actors”
    James Franco – asshole
    Terence Howard – certifiably insane; do not approach
    William Shatner – absent any other information I’m on the gay jap’s side
    Sheen – could he please hurry up and die?
    Polanski – anally raped a 13 year old; you had to miss this one, Holocaust?

  • Challenger71

    My view of Bill Murray just crashed and burned … what an egotistical jerk!

    • Martin

      He is an extremely talented actor. One of the best. It seems to me it would be a nightmare to work with someone who did not have basic acting skills.

  • don77701

    My theory is Bill Murry is in the 1980’s era of anti-Asians in the USA. Remember there were hardly any Asians in USA entertainment in the time. Plus many don’t realize the hold of non-spiritual element. Although once in the spirit form, that may show one’s true self.

  • don77701

    They are actors, couldn’t they act like they like each other?? Also Bill Murry became divorced maybe this is his baggage or what lead to his divorce.