Most Hated Celebrities Of Hollywood

The world of glamour and stardust can get quite ugly when the celebs are stripped down to reality. A few even manage to make it to the hate list of their audiences.

Let’s sneak a peek beyond the camera. Here comes a list of the not-so-favorites of Hollywood.

 Zach Braff


1. Zach Braff

He loves the idea of killing unwanted babies; he just opposes the idea of letting women make a decision. That’s his take on abortion. Quite an explanation to understand why this celeb is hated so much.

Not to mention his take on sensitive topics like the Holocaust, 9/11 and rape. After the release of “Garden State” in 2004, his narcissism grew simultaneously with his fame.

Unapologetic Zach was unable to conform to socially accepted opinions. In fact, it seemed like every new statement was intended to offend the masses. He actually paved the way for exploiting the freedom of speech.

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  • Pat

    Agreed, only I wouldn’t put Paltrow and Heigl in the same boat as the rest of those scumbags

  • Evangeline Brabant

    You forgot Sean Penn, who is a vicious thug. He tied Madonna to a chair, years ago, and beat her repeatedly through out the day.

    She was just starting out in her career, and declined to press charges.

  • joslin

    Jesse James has fans??

    • afia

      Yes unlike you untalented hater!

  • alfredschrader

    I don’t confer with the Jesse James son of Jesse James the infamous bad guy part but some of Jesse’s creations are original and certainly humorous.
    Case in point the Monster Garage Porsche golf ball scooper with clown ball ejector.
    It’s just plain funny.

  • Guest 3

    What? Kim Kardashian isn’t on this list ? Her creepy husband is……Kim thinks “she” is a star….too bad someone didn’t inform her that actual “STARS” work hard to get where they are….they don’t “accidentally” get a sex tape leaked…..and further more America, how low can you go idolizing a pig like Kim Kardashian ?

    • afia

      Hater, enjoy it in your heart!

  • brent kaufman

    Granted Bill Cosby’s whole sex scandal should put him on the list, but not his criticizing droopy pants and the African American culture that is crumbling because of the deteriorating family unit in that community.
    Btw, he was in more than one successful sitcom and was one of the most famous and successful stand-up comics for decades.