Richest Actors Under 30

Elle Fanning, Bella Thorne and Abigail Breslin


They are very young and they are very successful. They are also incredibly rich.

While most of their peers spend their days hanging around with friends, these teen actors know the true value of money and how hard it is earned.

However, using their talents in the best possible way and making wise financial choices, they have managed to become enormously wealthy while still in their teens.

Whether through movie contracts or celebrity endorsements, they’ve succeeded in making fortunes unattainable to most of us.

Therefore, there is no place for envy as they have really worked hard and they’ve accomplished so many inspiring things.

Here’s a list of the richest celebrity teen actors.

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  • Toxicgranny2-I’M BAAACK

    Is that first photo Will Smiths’ kid? How did she work hard for any money she has? Is she an actor-never seen or heard her doing anything but run off at the mouth with some crazy BS. Both of his kids are off the wall. Any money she had to be given to her by her parents. That’s what happens when you have too much money-you FU your kids.