The Most Extreme Surgeries to Look Like a Celebrity



Thinking of finally getting that tattoo, the exact same one at the exact same spot as your favorite celebrity? Or buying that car just because the man of your dreams (who doesn’t know you exist) owns the same model?

Maybe you’ve even considered getting the same hairstyle – who can forget Ashley S from The Bachelor’s latest season, who did not only wear clothes inspired by the Kardashians but she also talked and did her make up exactly like one of the sisters.

Heck, she could even pass off for one of Kardashian girl herself! But if you think THAT is what defines celebrity worship, well…

Take a look at these incredible people, who were willing to undergo a series of surgeries just to look more like their favorite celebs!

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  • Annomymous

    I believe instead of having surgeries to look like somone else—JUST BE YOURSELF—-there is nothing more authentic and more real than just being yourself and who you are as a persona—-JUST BE YOURSELF—

  • Uncle Reggie

    If you could get #2 to do a Trump ad, I think he would lost the Evangelical vote overnight.