The Most Narcissistic Celebrities



Have you heard an ancient Greek myth about the hunter named Narcissus?

Well, let us remind you a little, in any case. Narcissus, the son of a god, was known for his beauty but also for his arrogance towards those who loved him. As a punishment for his egoistic behavior, he was led to a pool where he saw his own reflection.

He immediately fell for the image in the water. He was unable to take his eyes off the image and plop! – he drowned. Thus, the concept in psychology of a person demanding gratification of his or her qualities has been named Narcissism.

It is sad (and funny) to see that many of the Hollywood celebs suffer from narcissism to the degree that they want their fans to have minute by minute coverage of what is happening in their life (because they think their fans “deserve” that).

To that end, they often use various social networks to post their selfies and pictures depicting some of the most intimate moments in their lives. Narcissistic celebrities don’t expect respect and admiration from their fans; they consider them our privilege.

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  • al baby

    This list is incomplete and or not long enough OBAMA should be the first on the list

    • xir

      LOSER SYNDROME again?

      • xir

        in that case all GOP shld be there

    • Anita

      Grow up, al BABY.

    • gessiewtf

      Throwing Leann Rimes in there is bizarre. Right up there with Kanye West? Or is it that you personally don’t like her?

  • Brett

    Wow, al baby, that was simply stunningly clever. You’ll go far with that kind of rapier wit.

  • Jim

    Some of them are obvious, like Charlie Sheen and Kanye West—Farah Abraham, too, if the description of her behavior is accurate.

    Some of the others are debatable. There are certainly some truly narcissistic celebrities out there, like Gywneth Paltrow and Jay Z, who didn’t make the list.

  • James Lytle

    If you go back a few years, Jack Benny should certainly be on the list.